About us

At RataGP we recognise that general practitioners are vital to our communities. We also understand the need for a new way for practices to fill vacancies without substantial costs. Our purpose is to fill vacancies when our doctors retire, go on holiday, need a break or a change in location either through our permanent service or our online locum system.

We have seen a real need within practices regarding recruiting general practitioners, both short term and permanent and have set up RataGP to assist this process. We engaged with many practices, general practitioners and other medical experts to create our systems so they work best for you.

We work for free for general practitioners seeking new positions either in the short or long term and offer individual or family settlement advice, contacts and resources as required for a successful transition into the new role and/or location.

Importantly we offer you control. If you are a general practitioner seeking a new role, or a practice searching for a new permanent staff member or a locum you are able to communicate directly with each other.

RataGP is a not for profit organisation owned by bpacnz providing permanent and locum recruitment services to general practitioners and practices throughout New Zealand.

Working with a not for profit organisation benefits you as a doctor. We do not charge you anything for our services, and the practices we work with enjoy low recruitment fees. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we have no reason to push a vacancy or practice your way. We would rather find out what you want and match the right role for you.

Who is bpacnz

bpacnz is an independent not for profit organisation whose role is to deliver educational and continuing professional development programmes to medical practitioners and other health professional groups throughout New Zealand.

bpacnz was established in 2002 and has six shareholders: ProCare health, South Link Health, Pegasus Health, General Practice New Zealand, Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and the University of Otago.

bpacnz is funded by contracts with the Ministry of Health, PHARMAC, DHBNZ, and individual District Health Boards and Primary Health Organisations.

Unique benefits of working with RataGP

Settling in support

We work with you and your family

We work with you and your family when you make the decision to move. We interview your family to better understand your needs and interests so we can best match and help support the relocation process. Our research tells us the more networked your family is the more likely they will be happy to stay. This can take some pressure off you while you are working.

Direct connection

Importantly we offer you control

If you are a general practitioner seeking a new role, or a practice searching for a new permanent staff member or a locum you are able to communicate directly with each other, no hold ups waiting on recruiters to come back to you.

We don’t sell

No more sales pitches

Lifestyle match is our major focus to ensure satisfaction for both parties. There is a wide and varied choice of vacancy options available. RataGP support the recruitment process however your employment relationship is directly with the practice, eliminating third party holdups. Doctors and practices get to engage directly with each other.

No waiting

Speed is vital

We know speed is vital in a recruitment process so we have created this service to be as direct as possible so that you don’t have to sit waiting and wondering what happened to your application.